Quinta de Gonçalvinho at the foot of the mountain "Serra estrela" in Paranhos da Beira in the heart of the Dão.
We arrived in Portugal with audacity to make and produce wines in this beautiful region that is Dão.
We are a french-portuguese couple,Casimir and Christelle,who decided to leave our live in France , that´s didn't have anything to do with wine world to have a new adventure.
Since we didn´t know this region beforehand, it has been a complete discovery in the amazing area of the Serra de Estrela and its incredible landscape. The property can be found in the middle of Serra de Estrela between two cities: Seia and Nelas.
the winery and the wineyard didn´t exist before, it was a complete new projet, new and a tiny bit crazy ... We were just wine enthusiasts in France , but winemaking was a discovery and it quickly become our passion , a passion for the terroir and the beautiful region of Dão !
we met a very good winemaker: Antonio Narciso to help us in this project. With him, we are a very good team !